The DPS-Agents Framework consists of four JADE1 Agents and, a Development Micro-Environment (named dpsFramework) that allows setting, debugging and deploying multiple DPS-Agents on the JADE platform to implement Agent Oriented Applications2.

Table 1. Research Project Metadata (2012-2017) associated with DPS-Agents Framework.

Institution Research Project
UniLeon Institution: University of León3.
Department: Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering and Automation4.

Research title: Techniques for deploying Distributed Architecture in Rule-Based Expert Systems using the Multiagent paradigm. (2012-2017)
Deposit: DIALNET. Status: Finished.
Authors: Aguayo-Canela, Francisco J. and Garcia-Rodriguez, Isaias5.

Fig. 1. Graphical User Interface of a DPS-Agent Monitor class in debug mode.

Objectives of the DPS-Agents Framework Project

 The execution of the `DPS-Agents Framework’ project is pending approval and it’s in search of funding. It has an estimated range of two years (Dec. 2019 - Dec. 2021) and its objectives are as follows:

  1. Evolve the code of the four DPS-Agents for their exploitation in the Domains:
    • E-learning and Educational systems.
    • User-Centered Applications.
    • Capacity and reliability to act as autonomous Assistance Agents.
  2. Establish the MIT License as of Dec. 2019 and use the Open-Source project development model.
  3. Adapt the source code to take advantage of the modular capabilities of JAVA / openJDK 11.x6 or higher.

DPS-Agentes Framework Logo

Available versions

  There are currently two versions available: v0.9.1 (SOCO) and v1.7 (EUMAS) (see, Table.2). These releases have been packaged in a file of type .JAR with the nomenclature: dpsFrameworkBuilder-X.Y.jar. Each .JAR file allows you to create and initialize a basic development environment with libraries and components necessary for the development of the application. Its mission is to generate the minimum directory structure to put into operation the skeleton of an operational Agent-Based Application2.

Tabl2 2. Version number, mnemonic and main characteristics of the release.

Release Description
v0.9.1 (SOCO)
Date: Dic. 2017
Installer name: dpsFrameworkBuilder-RC1.jar. (The official version).
Compiler / Components: Java JDK 7 y 8. JADE JADE 4.4.0. BeanShell 2.0b4. RSyntaxTextArea Text Editor. HyperSQL v2.3.4. CLIPS 6.30. CLIPSJNI 0.5. Jess 8.0a1.
v1.7 (EUMAS)
Date: Sep. 2018
Installer name: dpsFrameworkBuilder-1.7.jar.
Compiler / Components:
Java/openJDK 8.x compiler.
JADE 4.5.0 - revision 6825 of 23-05-2017
BeanShell v:2.0b4 (patched at, 2016).
RSyntaxTextArea Text Editor.
HyperSQL® HyperSQL Database Engine v:2.3.4
CLIPS 6.31.
Six compiled libraries CLIPSJNI 0.5 to: Raspbian-Pi, Linux 32/64, Microsoft Windows 32/64 and, Apple iOS-X
Jess 8.0a1.
Apache JENA

 Both releases have been compiled with JAVA and have been verified on the operating systems: Ms-Windows, Apple OS-X and Linux. Note that, v1.7 (EUMAS) release allows to deploy DPS-Agents with the CLIPS7 and / or JESS8 Expert Systems engine on ARM architectures (e.g. RaspberryPI9).


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