Componentes utilizados

Table 1. Conceptos, Nombre del componente, Versión y metadatos asociados.

Concept Third-party component name Version / Operating-System
Multiagent Development Platform JADE Platform Stage-Node 4.5.0 - revision 6825 of 23-05-2017
Compiler Java Stage-Node openJDK 1.8.0 i386 and x86_64
Builder Apache Ant Apache Ant(TM) version 1.9.4
Java Interpreter BeanShell v:2.0b4 (patched at, 2016) GitHub BeanShell
Syntax highlighting editor RSyntaxTextArea GitHub RsyntaxTextArea
Database Engine HyperSQL® HyperSQL Database Engine v:2.3.4
RBES-Interface for Java CLIPSJNI v0.5 compiled to: Raspbian-Pi, Linux 32/64, Microsoft Windows 32/64 and, Apple iOS-X
RBES* Builder CLIPS v6.31
RBES Builder JESS v8.0a1
Semantic Web
Apache Jena Apache Jena(TM)
  • RBES: Rule-Based Expert System