Documentation areas:
Proposals Guides Notes Essays and papers [1] Proposals: They are very similar to the Java Specification Requests format. These types of documents are connected to each GitHub repository, where you can find the proposed solutions.

[2] Manuals and Guides: These are translations of technical manuals or software guides. They are in Markdown format and are interconnected for easy navigation through their chapters.

[3] Notes and Posts: They are small reviews and featured announcements to indicate an event, or they are simple lists to connect with work and processes of the dpsframework project that have been completed.

[4] Essays and papers: This area compiles working papers and essays that constitute the research foundations of the dpsFramework project. These documents also represent the evolution model of the dpsframework project and the lines of development that will be undertaken in the coming years (2022...2027).

Production System agent GUI example
Fig. 1.  The dpsframework-1.9 project repository is the place where all the update and maintenance efforts for the JADE PS-Agents have been gathered. It is scheduled for release in September 2022. This will be the last version released since the original version 1.8 (2019). This new version 1.9 will be released under the MIT license and its code will be open source.
P40-CLIPSJNI-051     ~     Repo: P49-JESS-80     ~     Repo: P20-JADE-FIPA     ~     Repo: P41-CLIPSJNI-640     ~     Repo: P42-CLIPS-UG     ~     Repo: P10-FIPA-CORBA     ~     Repo: CLIPS 6.4 User's Guide PS-Agents 2.1: Deployment Manual Parallel, Distributed and Multi-Agent Production Systems Website References Bibliografía CLIPS 6.4 UG-Capítulos 1 al 8 dpsFW-Thesaurus A Review of Agent-Based Programming for Multi-Agent Systems FIPA: Specifying Protocols for Multi-Agent Systems Interaction Parallel, Distributed and Multiagent Production Systems